Well water pressure tank installation

Well water pressure tank installation

If you own a home that has a private well for drinking water, it's important to ensure your water pressure tank is working properly.

A pressure tank is important to your well water system because it maintains your water pressure at a constant level. It also keeps the water and air separated. Without these features the water pump would just turn on and off quickly. This causes a cycling problem, which in turn can quickly burn out your water pump motor. If your well has a submersible pump, it can be difficult to tell if the pump is running or if it's not. Often times, pumps have a relay switch that will turn on and off to activate the pump - which you may be able to listen for it turning off and on. Some pumps have a relay switch light that will tell you when the relay is turning on the pump.

If you think there is a problem with your well pump that may be affecting the your pressure tank, Big Frog Plumbing can help you determine the problem and complete any necessary repairs.

The most common size of pressure tanks in residential homes hold about 44 gallons and have a drawdown of about 16 gallons. If your home's well water is using an above average amounts of water regularly, (say you are using a significant amount of water for irrigation, running a home business with larger water needs, or perhaps feeding animals) you may need a larger pump. If you use a large amount of water and your well has a low yield, a larger pressure tank may perhaps be needed.

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